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Ironing services

We love ironing! Seeing a freshly laundered load of shirts transformed into a crisp row on hangers is a satisfying reward. There are some who really don’t like ironing or they simply don’t have the time, luckily our team relish the challenge of ironing their way through a mountain of creased clothes.

We are just as happy ironing the the clothes you have washed and left with us as we are completing a full service wash and iron for you; choose what service you would like.

We have a wide range of customers who use our ironing service in Stirling and Inverness. We iron thousands of items every week, from shirts to pillow cases we do them all.

Our driver is available to collect your bags of laundered or dirty washing and return them to you beautifully ironed a couple of days later. Don’t forget we can collect and deliver from your workplace too.